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My name is Allison Lee, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia, pursuing an Entertainment Media Studies major with a New Media and Music Business Certificate. I have a passion for bringing people's stories into the spotlight and developing deeper connections with others beyond a surface level. As our society continues to grow dependent on technology and rely on media for communication, I understand the need for web developers and experts within the entertainment industry. During my time in Athens, I hope to further my knowledge and experience in postproduction for film and television, songwriting, and general problem-solving skills that I can apply to future jobs and beyond.


TRIBL Records

Label and Administrative Intern

What started off as a long shot quickly became a seven-month dream come true. In January 2022, I went onto MAVERICK CITY MUSIC's website and scrolled to the bottom where I found the "Contact Us" page. I filled out my information and explained that I was a college student seeking opportunities to serve with the record label in any position they could offer me. A week later, one of the label founder's wife reached out to me via email about a potential internship opportunity for the upcoming summer. After three months of patience and prayer, I received a follow up email about an interview for the position. On May 13, 2022, I was congratulated with a remote summer internship role where I would work alongside TRIBL Records' Label Administrator.

My three month summer internship turned into an experience I would continue walking with during my junior year of college. Through this internship, I learned how fast paced the music industry works and how necessary it is for teammwork, clear communication, and for everyone to put in their best effort in a timely manner. Any business job in the entertainment industry ultimately revolves around the creativity of such creators, which may be stressful to some, but I loved every new task and obstacle. With the help of my boss and other staff members, I grew tremendously in time management, organization, creativity, and my overall professionalism.

June 2022-December 2022

True Food Kitchen


Though my time at True Food Kitchen (TFK) was short-lived, it was a wonderful environment that contributes well to my work experience. At TFK, I quickly understood the importance of upholding a good reputation of a large chain restuarant in the US. With the help of a friendly staff and patient customers, this was not a daunting task for me to tackle. Regarding skills, time management was a primary skill I got to refine, as I balanced between this job and an internship simultaneously.

June 2022-August 2022

The Local Wood Fired Grill


My job at the TLWFG fundamentally shaped the kind of employee I am and taught me a lot of skills that I use today. This was my first job that I started in high school and first exposure to working in the food industry. There were a lot of initial obstacles like working under pressure, managing customer service, and challenges that tested my overall efficiency. Luckily, I was able to adapt to a variety of circumstances and learn better time management, communication, and teamwork with others.

November 2018-August 2020, May 2021-August 2021






University of Georgia

Bachelor of Entertainment and Media Studies
New Media Certificate
Music Business Certificate

GPA: 3.54

August 2020 - December 2023

Cambridge High School


GPA: 3.7

August 2016 - May 2020


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Responsive Design
  • Create Site from Scratch or with Template
  • Diligent, Works over Span of Days rather than Procrastinate

Interests + Hobbies

Aside from web development, I am a huge fan of songwriting and music production to pass time. If I am not spending time with family and friends or doing work, I am most likely doing this. I recently found songwriting and musical expression to be one of the most comforting mechanisms for me to portray my thoughts in a clear, concise form.

I also grew to love thrifting as another way to spend my time. After being a college student, I understand the struggle for saving and spending money wisely. Not only that, but I discovered that a lot of my close friends enjoy thrifting too, giving me the opportunity to invite a shopping buddy to come with me.

One thing I hope to do more in the future are spontaneous trips with friends. In the past, I've gone to a few beaches on the east coast and mountains in North Georgia. With a lot of these adventures, I have also really enjoyed watching the sunrise and stargazing at night. At the same time, however, I am also down for a night-in to unwind with a hot cup of tea.